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In my collages I try to reflect, from my particular point of view, the diverse communicational conflicts between human beings, institutions, forms and other physical and metaphysical relationships.

It is all about re-signifying and resigning. Resigning meaning to the impulse of graphic composition. In this way, I learn to decontextualize in order to re-contextualize. A way to rethink the art of visual communication from its most contemplative perspective, through the use of elements found in public and urban space. A Culture Clash that can bring together flyers, posters and parts of magazines or pieces of graphic communication that originally had different destinations and that today are found here forming beautiful contradictions that break the rules of understanding and help us to contemplate reality in another way generating a reinterpretation of language.

An exercise to combat the laziness of the mind, which is accustomed to receiving packaged information through on-demand content platforms and social networks.

A way to get the mind in shape, and in this exercise, help it to interpret concepts that – a priori – are not found in the database of the regular and everyday.