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These are some of the projects I have promoted

and others in which I have been involved with passion and commitment

Folcore Records

Folcore Records is a label based in Barcelona that publishes works by DJs, musicians and producers who are mainly dedicated to the fusion of electronic music with indigenous, folk and traditional sounds. In the last 12 years Folcore Records has released more than 135 albums in digital format, by artists from different parts of the world.

Newton Las Pelotas!

Magazine about circus, street theater, new scenic tendencies and urban cultures. The project was active from its first stages in Buenos Aires as a fanzine in 1995 until its last online edition in 2010 in Barcelona.

Club du Monde

Club du Monde is a non-profit online radio station, streaming from Barcelona 24/7 for more than 5 years. Music without interruptions, playlists curated by DJs and producers referents of the Electronic World Music scene and Electropical fusion.

The common denominator is electronic music fused with world music, folklore, roots and groove, in different BPM.


Coreographix is a web application development, graphic design and multimedia studio. Since 2005 it has been a platform for the creation, development and art direction of numerous online and offline projects.

Las Manos de Filippi

Emblematic Argentine musical group with more than 30 years of trajectory. I worked in production and art direction for more than four years, last millennium. My heart is still touring with the band.


At the beginning of 2008 Cabeza! was born. A project whose main protagonist is the neighborhood and its rhythms. Where everything is danceable. Cabeza! is cumbia, mashup, dubstep, dancehall, hip-hop and any rhythm born in a suburb.

Between 2008 and 2014 I worked with Lucas Luisao in the general production of the netlabel and as A&R.

Cassette Blog

Cassette Blog from México – on deconstruction


Etnotròpic is a website that works as an online media library, oriented towards contemporary fusion music, roots, organic, ethnic, tropical, which is currently remixed with the electronic and urban sound of the cities.

This beat is Etnotròpic

The Nü World Music

The Nü World Music is a new record label based in Barcelona, which emerges as a sublabel of Folcore Records and functions as a launching pad for new talents and emerging music producers as well as more experienced ones.también como más experimentados.

Nautilus en PlurFM

Nautilus, 20000 seconds of underwater culture. Radio program on PlurFM 103.5 in Buenos Aires. Co-hosted with Cristian Estrella and with the participation of Mauri Kurcbard, Valeria Alonso, Nacho Maratea, Diego Altabás, Juan Data, Miguel Masllorens, Paula Maccione and more collaborators.


NoSubjec7 audiovisual collective based in Barcelona between 2003 and 2005. Sharing sound and visual experiences with El Brujo, 3lneto, Txalo Toloza, Lautaro Zabala and more collaborators.